Welcome to Gracie Barra Praia

Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

We are Student Experience Obsessed. Whether you’re an old school black belt or a day-one white belt, whether you are a high level competitor or just roll for fun with your friends, whether you prefer to go surf and skip a training session or have an açaí admiring the sunset at the beach, whether you are a big family with a bunch of kids or a backpacker, we are experience makers, we have something for you.


Everything we do as a camp, as a school, as a community member, and as an employer is to improve the lives of those around us. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the engine that makes lives better. From meeting different people and creating a brotherhood to being part of a lifestyle which allows you to become the best version of yourself, understanding what you are capable of, having healthy habits, building self-esteem, promoting responsibility and discipline.


So we take the opportunity to invite you to come roll with us to learn something different, have some life-changing fun, and meet some new folks from around the globe who share your passion to live the Brazilian jiu-jitsu lifestyle. We hope to see you this summer!




23rd-30th march 2020
Rio de Janeiro

Just pack your official Gracie Barra Uniform, Gi and No GI.

If you don’t have it let us know and we’ll make sure you have the complete uniform.


When you arrive at Galeão ( GIG – Rio de Janeiro International Airport), we will provide transportation to the Camp Location and back to the airport on your last day. At the Camp you will have a room with air conditioning and Wi-Fi. We have a swimming pool, the beach is 400 meters away and there is a 150 square meter mat area under a tiki hut. Transportation to training activities outside the camp locations are also included.



    • 4pm – 5pm
      Cross Training
    • 7pm – 9pm
      Seminar and Hard Practice


    • 12pm – 1pm
      Technical Training
    • 7pm – 9pm
      Seminar and Hard Practice

  • SAT

    • 11am – 1pm
      Seminar and Hard Practice





U$ 1,000

Adult single person.

7 Nights & 8 Day.